Prevagen Review – Does it really work?


As we age, we usually suffer memory loss, shorter attention or concentration, etc. This affects people over 30 years old when the aging starts. Memory loss seems to be one of the earliest signs of aging. You could forget simple things like phone numbers, important anniversaries, or even treasured memories.

Prevagen Review


Prevagen is one of the brain supplements on the market with the slogan “for minds over 40”. You can find Prevagen reviews on the Internet to look through others’ experiences. This product has gathered interest recently. Its manufacturer is Quincy Bioscience. This manufacturer classifies Prevagen as a brain health supplement. On Prevagen’s official website, this company points out three significant benefits of Prevagen: improving brain health, sharpening the mind, and protecting memory. Moreover, Prevagen is claimed to help you become more concentrated and protect the brain. Prevagen is now available in retail stores like Walgreens and Rite Aid.

The unique selling point of Prevagen is apoaequorin, a calcium-binding protein extracted from jellyfish. This protein is claimed by the manufacturer to be necessary to improve brain function. Apoaequorin protein in the product has been produced in an NSF-certified facility and is cGMP-compliant at the headquarters in Wisconsin. This ensures quality and safety. While there is evidence or a Prevagen review to prove that this protein helps improve cognitive functions, this information is still limited. Besides, the reviews are mixed with complaints and compliments. The test results of Prevagen show that this product is able to improve cognitive functions, especially for the elderly. It seems that this product is suitable for the elderly who suffer from certain neurological disorders.

Apoaequorin protein was first discovered and extracted in the early 1960s. The manufacturer of Prevagen has done some studies to prove the significant benefits of the apoaequorin protein, like enhancing mental clarity, improving decision-making skills, and improving both short-term and long-term memory. This manufacturer also shows the relationship between sleep quality and the effectiveness of apoaequorin.

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Does Prevagen work?

Although apoaequorin can positively affect the elderly with mild cognitive impairment, it is of no use using this product to treat people with mild dysfunction or frank dementia. In other words, this productivity is not so effective when treating some serious issues. It is just considered a vitamin to improve the function of the brain.

Since this product is not approved by the FDA, most doctors cannot recommend it for patients to use. The research also points out some benefits of apoaequorin, like enhancing memory, improving mental clarity, or helping focus or make decisions. However, these benefits have not been officially confirmed by the FDA.

The manufacturer of Prevagen also included a video with an informative explanation of how Prevagen improves brain function. As aging affects the body in many ways, Prevagen is a potential product to improve brain functions. But does Prevagen work as advertising? It is still an open discussion.


  • Its unique ingredient is apoaequorin protein (the active ingredient).
  • Prevagen caters specifically to the elderly.
  • This product is available offline and online.


  • Evidence, tests, or reviews confirmed only a slight decrease in cognitive decline and minor effectiveness for people suffering from memory impairment.
  • The manufacturer shows less information about the test results and the effectiveness of Prevagen or Apoaequorin in the extended period.

Brief Summary

The aging process affects the body, especially the brain. Quincy Bioscience, the manufacturer of Prevagen, claims that this product can help improve memory and brain functions and give positive results after a short period of time. If this product is as good as advertised, patients will greatly benefit from Prevagen. However, this product still has some shortcomings, so be cautious when using it. Some serious side effects that may occur are tremors, chest pain, seizures, and fainting.

Before using this product, you may want to check what it can do. Go have a look at Prevagen reviews, testimonials, ratings, and so on to see other experiences. Checking the top-rated focus/attention boosters, brain boosters, etc. gives you more choices.

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