• Common Issues
  • Updater error Back to Top
    When I try to apply the latest update, I receive an error message stating that "Sorry, an error has occurred. This application cannot be installed because this installer has been misconfigured. Please contact the application author for assistance."
    This happens when your installed version is several releases behind. To fix the problem, please apply the missing updates in order. Past updates are archived here.
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  • I didn't receive my license code Back to Top
    License codes are sent to your email on record with Paypal minutes after payment confirmation. Please make sure your spam filters are not blocking emails from sales@workoutsoft.com and that the email on record with Paypal is current and accessible.
    If you have not received your license code within one hour of making a purchase, please let us know immediately by sending a support request. Please provide an alternate email address or a phone number to ensure we can get in touch with you.
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  • My license code is not working Back to Top
    The two most common reasons are: 1. The license code was not properly entered. We recommend that you copy/paste your license code rather than entering by hand. When copying and pasting the serial number please ensure that you are not introducing leading or trailing spaces. 2. You are trying to license the wrong product (for example, If you purchased a copy of PX Tracker, the license code will not work in XtremeFit Pro).
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  • Do I need a different license Code for the Windows, Mac and Linux versions of your software? Back to Top
    No. License codes are product-specific but can be used on any platform supported by the software.
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  • Will I get a boxed copy of the software I purchased? Back to Top
    No. We only sell digital copies of our software. After buying online, you will receive a license code by email to unlock the limitations of the free downloadable demo version.
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  • Do you offer multi-user discounts? Back to Top
    Yes. We offer a 10% rebate over the list price for 5 licenses purchased at the same time and a 20% rebate for 10 licenses. We also offer bulk pricing for larger quantities. Please contact us for a quote.
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  • How do I contact you for Technical Support? Back to Top
    Please send us an email using the contact form here
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  • How to I ensure my software stays up to date? Back to Top
    Our software checks the version database each time it starts. If an update is available, it will alert you. To stay current on our news and plans for future enhancements, watch the Forum
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  • What are the system requirements for your software? Back to Top
    Our software products run on a wide variety of configurations. There are no RAM or processor speed limitations but we require a display capable of 800x600 resolution or higher. Our products are NOT compatible with iOS, Android or Windows Mobile devices at this time.

    XtremeFit Pro, Pro+, and Editor require the Adobe AIR runtime (Windows, Mac, and Linux*) and share the same requirements: http://www.adobe.com/products/air/systemreqs/
    *Linux is supported but no longer developed by Adobe.

    PX Tracker and PX+ Tracker require the Java runtime (Windows, Mac, and Linux) and share the same requirements: http://www.java.com/en/download/manual.jsp
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  • What are the limitations of the Free Demo version? Back to Top
    The Free Demo versions of our software are fully functional and contain all the features of the paid version. They can be used for as long as you want. The only limitation is that your data will not be saved when you quit the software and the Import/Export functions are disabled.
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  • Where is my workout data? Can I export it to a different computer? Back to Top
    All the data you enter in PX Tracker or XtremeFit Pro is kept in a database file stored on your computer. It is separate from the software itself. You can safely update, remove, or re-install the software, it won't affect your workout data. Our software include Export and Import functionality to allow you to backup or move your workout database.
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  • I workout with a friend or partner. Can two people record data on the same computer and at the same time? Back to Top
    Yes, XtremeFit Pro+ was specifically designed for multiple users. A single license of XtremeFit Pro+ allows you to track the workouts of multiple users on the same computer.
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  • XtremeFit Pro Questions
  • Can I import my PX Tracker data into XtremeFit Pro? Back to Top
    Unfortunately, importing PX Tracker data into Pro is not possible. This is because the databases between the two products are not compatible.
    For instructions on how to manually transfer your recent data from Tracker into Pro, please see this
    Forum post
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  • How to I completely reset the software? Back to Top
    Un-installing the software does not delete your workout data.
    If you want to completely reset the software, including loosing all the data you've recorded so far, you need to manually delete its workout database. To do so, close XFP and locate a folder named "XtremeFit_Pro" in your Documents (Mac) or My Documents (Windows) folder. Drag the entire folder to the trash and restart XFP. You will be presented with the New Configuration window. If you change your mind, simply drag the XtremeFit_Pro folder back to its original location.
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  • XtremeFit Pro+ Questions
  • How do I change the name of the Default User? Back to Top
    XFP+ creates a default user the first time the software is launched. To change the name to one of your choice, right-click on the "Default User " label on the left floating window and select "Change Name".
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  • How to I completely reset the software? Back to Top
    Follow the instructions above for XtremeFit Pro by locating the "XtremeFit_Pro+" folder.
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  • PX Tracker Questions
  • Does PX Tracker include ALL the P90X workouts? Back to Top
    Yes. Recording screens are provided for all P90X workouts:
    • Chest & Back
    • Plyometrics
    • Shoulders & Arms
    • Yoga X
    • Legs & Back
    • Kenpo X
    • Core Synergistics (Classic and Lean)
    • Chest, Shoulders & Triceps
    • Back & Biceps
    • Cardio X
    • Ab Ripper X
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  • Will you release a version of PX Tracker for P90X2? Back to Top
    Unfortunately, no. Our state-of-the-art tracker is XtremeFit Pro and we will continue to release workout Modules for that software. P90X2 Modules are available for XtremeFit Pro and Pro+
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  • XtremeFit Editor and Workout Modules
  • What are workout Modules and how do I use them? Back to Top
    XtremeFit Pro is a modular workout tracker. XFP manages the calendar, the workout data entry screens and the graphs.
    A Module is a self-contained file that contains all the information about a particular workout. Once a Module is loaded into XFP, the software populates the schedule, list of workouts and individual routines specific to that particular workout program. With Modules, XFP can track any workout program.
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  • What is XtremeFit Editor? Back to Top
    XtremeFit Editor is the free software we make available to create or modify workout Modules.
    Using a simple drag-and-drop interface one can create workouts and routines and organize them into a workout schedule. Once completed, the workout program is saved as a Module that can be loaded into XtremeFit Pro or Pro+.
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  • What do I need to use workout Modules? Back to Top
    All you need is a licensed copy of XtremeFit Pro or XtremeFit Pro+. Many Modules are freely available for download on this site. Others can be created using the free XtremeFit Editor.
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  • How much do workout Modules cost? Where can I find them? Back to Top
    Workout Modules are free and available for download on our site.
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  • How do I use workout Modules? Back to Top
    To use a Module, download it to your computer and launch XtremeFit Pro (or Pro+). Under the Program menu, select Load Module and navigate to the Module file you downloaded.
    Once the Module is loaded, you can go to the Configuration menu and start a new round for the workout you just imported. You can also continue with your current workout program and use the Module to only pickup a few workouts you like to spice up your current workout program.
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  • Can I make changes to the Modules you provide? Back to Top
    Yes, using the free XtremeFit Editor. You can make changes to an existing Module or load several Modules at once into the software to create a new program mixing and matching workouts from several Modules.
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  • General Workout Questions
  • What are upper limits? Back to Top
    Those values are pretty much your stats on P90X start day or anything you consider to be poor progress. Anything at or above these values will be colored bright red on the SCHEDULE sheet. If you're 180 lb today and your goal is 160 your upper limit is 180. However, if you consider that even getting down to 175 is poor progress then enter that value and the color coding on the SCHEDULE sheet won't start to go towards green until you're below 175
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  • How do I figure out my target body fat and weight? Back to Top
    Those are all things you set according to what you want to achieve and they're all your preference. You can read about healthy ranges everywhere on the web
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  • How do I enter my weights if I use resistance bands instead of dumbbells? Back to Top
    Bands often have a weight equivalent, usually marked on the band itself. The Beachbody B-Lines model are in 5 lb increment and the weights are listed on the product page. The complete kit here http://www.beachbody.com/product/fitness_gear/bands_balls_weights/complete_kit.do provides all the weights (5 to 50 lb in 5 lb increment) of the B-Lines product.
    Once you have found the weight for the color you’re using, simply enter that weight in the W cell. You may also want to enter a comment that you used bands instead of weights for that routine.
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  • What is Lean body mass increase? Back to Top
    Lean body mass increase is how much non-fat mass (muscles) you want to build. P90X is not just about weight loss, there should be muscle gain as well. Your target weight therefore needs to take lean mass increase into account
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